5 Best Rolex Stella and Specialty Dial Watches For Ladies

Rolex has kept to the same design principles for decades when it comes to its classic dress watch range. But, the company has occasionally experimented with other design features over its history, such as vibrant specialized dials or Stella dials. 

Not only are these watches unique compared to everything else in the Rolex inventory, but they were also made in such limited quantities that they are getting harder and harder to obtain in the used and Swiss made replica Rolex watch market.

In this article, we're going to discuss some of the best Rolex Stella and specialty dial watches for ladies that look fantastic on every women's wrist. 

What are Stella and Specialty Dials?

From the 1970s through the early 1990s, Rolex Stella dials were available for purchase. Stella dials stand out from the rest of the Rolex catalog's options, which use muted dial colours like black, white, silver, and champagne. Instead, Stella dials are bright, glossy enamel dials. 

These eye-catching dials, which are almost totally distinctive to the Day-Date line, were created mainly for the Middle Eastern market. In the same way that Stella dials have what would be regarded as out-of-the-ordinary design features for Rolex, specialty dials contain gemstone hour markers in addition to unique dial colours.

Top 5 Rolex Stella and Specialty Dial Watches

Here are some of the best Rolex watches with Stella and specialty dials.

1.  Rolex Day-Date President with Coral Stella Diamond Dial

Rolex just unveiled a line of Oyster Perpetual watches with displays inspired by Stella that are coral red and other colours found in the original lacquered dials from the 1970s. The fact that this Day-Date is an original piece from the Stella series and has the freshly revived coral red dial makes it more valuable.

Moreover, the watch features a unique Stella dial, a calibre 3055 Perpetual movement with a Single Chronograph movement function for the date, a water-resistant Oyster shell, and an auto winding system. A modern classic is in the making with its glistening diamond hour markers, vibrant red dial, and 18k yellow gold polish.

2.  Rolex Day-Date with Coral Stella Dial

This Rolex with the Stella dial is unique for a variety of reasons, not only because it has a unique dial. First, the pink gold finish on the watch is unusual for a classic Rolex Day-Date. In addition, this eye-catching timepiece has a Jubilee bracelet with five pieces rather than the traditional Day-Date President band with three pieces.

It's a gorgeous collector's item that is made even more outstanding by the addition of a distinctive Stella dial in a vivid coral colour. If you're searching for a unique Rolex that attracts attention, this is the timepiece to add to your classic watch collection.

3.  Ladies Rolex Datejust with Oxblood Stella Dial

On the Day-Date, Stella dials are more prominent. Nonetheless, Rolex provided some Lady-Datejust models, like this classic timepiece with the uncommon, glossy dial. Although Rolexes with the Stella dial are typically more expensive, the entry-level cost is around $10,000. It's a fantastic chance to gift a loved one with a desired Stella dials Rolex without going over budget.

The hands and area above the hour markers contain antique Tritium lume, which has acquired a similar creamy colour. Collectors with sharp eyes will also value the cracking, also known as crazing, that is visible on the dial because it is a unique feature that can only be found on classic lacquered dials.

4.  Rolex Date with Matte Blue Diamond Dial

This classic yellow gold Rolex Date's blue dial has an appealing matte texture that nearly has a purplish appearance. Additional highlights include the tritium lume, yellow gold hands, and Rolex's renowned Date movement at 3 o'clock.

Its Date has the retro appearance that many passionate luxury watch collectors want with its boxier acrylic crystal, older-style casing, and rivet-linked Oyster chain. This distinctive statement item will always have a particular place in your watch collection. The best part is that this Rolex with a gold and diamond speciality dial is around $13,000.

5.  Rolex Datejust with White Index Dial

When this timepiece initially opens up in the market in 1945, the Datejust made a splash and shakes the whole watch industry with this eye-catching model of Datejust. The first edition had the same features as this one, including a 5-link Jubilee bracelet, a textured bezel, an Oyster case that was waterproof, and a yellow-gold finish.

This timepiece has a classic white dial with yellow gold indexing hour marks, central location hands, and a black railroad section ring instead of an extravagant dial like the other watches in this guide. Due to its classic design and functionality, the Datejust with a white dial makes the ideal holiday present.


Every person wants to wear that type of watch which looks attractive on their wrists, especially women's. Well, there is no better option than a classic Rolex watch with a Stella dial or a specialty dial watch. These 5 best Rolex Stella and Specialty dial watches for ladies are the most attractive and affordable options that every woman can buy and add to their collection. 

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